Singalong Saturdays - Holiday goes Karaoke Dining!

Singalong Saturdays are back for the Winter season from. 5.10. on! Food, drink, all your favourite people, tunes and guilty pleasures. What better way to spend a Saturday?

Here's how it plays out:

- Book a table for you and your friends/coworkers/karaoke buddies (better be fast, you know this combo of dinner and karaoke is a definite favourite for all office xmas parties and holiday shindigs). 

- Show up at Holiday, be warmly welcomed, order dinner and drinks.

- Get comfy, download the Singa karaoke app and browse the catalogue of over 60 000 songs to find your favourites. Request your song and get ready. Remember, it’s not about how well you sing, it's about the feels. (And if singing isn't your forte, you can always cheer for everyone else.)

- Take the stage, share the love, drop the mic. Enjoy and repeat.

Singalong Saturday - every Saturday 19.00-23.00